Facing today’s challenge of rising need for food and water resources by the ever expanding population, Astunet plays an important role by introducing providing solutions for the agricultural sector.

As the determining factor for the growth of all other sectors, agriculture is considered the backbone of the Ethiopian economy. It is also beneficial that the country is home to extremely diverse and fertile land as well as a staggering wealth of livestock.

To keep up with the rise of commercial farming, Astunet provides a wide range of services to its customers, beginning from supply and installation of materials to preventive and repair maintenance across whole the agricultural sector.

Our services are in Irrigation, Cold Chain Management and Water Treatment.

We also have a workshop that will provide 24 hour service for cold trucks, in order to ensure the freshness and retained coolness of all our customers’ products.

Our Mission

  • To provide growers with various irrigation solutions that will bring increased productivity and yields, sustainable know-how and economic growth.
  • To provide a steady cold chain management system.
  • To increase the yield and the profitability of our customers.
  • Transform the company into an innovative manufacturing firm that contributes towards the development and sustainability of the country as well as the region.
  • Transform from an import company to an export company
  • Achieve product leadership with state-of-the-art technology
  • Offer efficient and durable products and services not only in the country but also in the continental level.

Our Vision

Our Values

  • Excellence and Quality
  • Integrity and Ethics
  • Customers and Employees Satisfaction
  • Responsibility, Identity and Image
  • Strength and Stability
  • Sustainability