10 ways Aqua-4D is a winner for your business and the planet

by  | Feb 20, 2019 | Media – News |

Hot on the heels of Aqua-4D’s appearance in the innovation final at the Climate Show in Lausanne, here’s a closer look at how this Swiss Cleantech company’s technology can save all kinds of natural – and monetary – resources, while contributing to both sustainable agriculture and sustainable development. 

In no particular order, here’s 10 reasons why Aqua-4D is a win-win for agribusiness and the planet.

1. Higher yields, less resources

Growers across the world (literally, from Hollandto Argentina to Turkey) have observed higher yields and export quality, as plants are able to optimize their absorption of water and minerals.

Right: hydroponically-grown lettuces in Brazil, a particularly visual example.

2. Water savings

The system subtly changes the physical structure of the irrigation water prior to it reaching the crops. Water clusters decrease in size, reducing surface tension, which leads to better water retention in the soil and penetration into micro-pores. This means moist soil, happy plants and ~25% less irrigation water.

3. Chemical-free unclogging

Clusters of problematic limescale, algae and biofilm deposits are reduced in size in the same way, meaning they do not adhere to the sides of pipes or drippers, and existing deposits are simply flushed away. No need for chemicals and no more build-up of potentially harmful bacteria.

4. Low power consumption

The system uses only as much power as a standard 10W lamp, and can be easily fixed up to solar panel arrays. The result?  All these benefits with negligible impact on energy consumption and electricity bills.

Left: installation in Arizona, USA

5. Fertilizer efficiency

Through the same principles which lead to water savings, fertilizer efficiecy is boosted as the system enables a more effective dissolution of fertilizer in the water. This means more effective nutrient uptake by the plant, and average of 30% less fertilizer applied. 

6. Non-invasive nematode control

Aqua-4D’s proprietary technology has the added benefit of repelling nematodes. They remain distracted, confused and stay away from the root area. Effective, non-invasive, long-lasting treatment with less need for nematicides or steaming – saving money, time and soil health. See here for how this works in practice.

7. Responsible manufacturing

Aqua-4D manages all production of its systems in-house at the Swiss headquarters. This allows the company to be in complete control of both the manufacturing and after-sales process.

8. Long-lasting and durable

The system is effectively plug-and-play, built to last and requires minimal maintenance. This saves both time and labor costs.

9. Promotes sustainable agricultureThrough an impressive leaching effect, the system can bring new life back to land blighted by soil salinity. In the case of Brazil’s Agricola Famosa, this saved significant time and money in not needing to relocate melon production to a new field and allowed them to continue irrigating with their brackish water. On top of the water savings and fertilizer savings, this is sustainable agriculture for the 21st century.

10. Be part of Ag 4.0

Agriculture 4.0 is all about integrating technology in order to optimize production while saving precious resources. By implementing groundbreaking technology like Aqua-4D’s, you can set yourself apart from others around you and set yourself up for the coming years and decades.

Stay ahead of the game – your crops and your wallet will thank you.

Co-Founder, Walter Thut, making adjustments at an installation in Blossom Hill, California.
Aqua-4D agronomists conducting measurements on a client visit in Spain.